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 List of Rules [Read before posting!]

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PostSubject: List of Rules [Read before posting!]   Wed Aug 21, 2013 8:32 am

Before we get any unwanted posts.. or before you waste your time writing posts which will be deleted, or getting warnings which may get you banned. Read and obey these rules please.

No spamming/needless posts and no double posts (Except if your post was really long, or 48 hours has passed).
Stay on-topic! Don't post things which is not related to the topic itself.
Only use proper/Understandable English -- This means No other languages.
Do not post in/revive Old Threads! -- Only do it if it still makes sense!
Only use tags (Quote, Size, etc) when it makes sense.


Use "Caps" properly. This means no texts written in "caps" that makes no sense. (Caps = Capital Letters)
Do not post any ads for other servers or talk about them! ONLY THIS SERVER! No other servers allowed! Also, don't ask about making servers.
Illegal contents are NOT allowed. (Ex. Hacks, Pirated stuff, etc...)
All sorts of Pornographic contents are NOT allowed.
NO Gifs/ and or IMG's are to be posted in the Chatbox, or your account will be banned from the chatbox for a certain time period.

Creating Threads:
*Follow "Posting"*

Explain your post if you are posting about a problem -- Describe your situation and if you can, Please show pictures
Choose a good title when making a thread, which will show others whats inside your thread. No titles like "Help" or "Problem"


If you got a warning/ban from a staff, Don't keep complaining! Except if you are 100% sure that the warning/ban was wrong.
If asked to by the staff, do NOT create multiple threads regarding the same situation/information. If you violate this rule, you will receive a warning. The next time it will be a 24hr ban. Consequences will become more severe over multiple offenses.
Never post in the News and Updates section
Do not create multiple-accounts (More than 1 account or a spam account. Even if you got banned.)
All sorts of Pornographic contents are NOT allowed.

---Posting in the Support section---
The support section is only for Client Bugs & Glitches , Donation Problems, Site problems , Account problems, Connection problems, etc. .
Please don't use it if you need help in-game, For ex. Asking about how to play, how to get the item X . Use the General Discussion section for most of these things.
Violating the rules will cause us (the staff) to take an action.
We will have to temp/perm ban you if you don't follow the rules correctly.
You get temp-banned for 3 or more days (Can be less at some situations)


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List of Rules [Read before posting!]
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