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 A serious questions HELP!

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PostSubject: A serious questions HELP!   Wed Jul 17, 2013 3:02 am

Can someone explain to me .... some stuff .... i got some questions i need an answer to ...
1.Why is this server aways crashing it seems the people complain too much ;/
2.Do i need someting to run the game? I read i need a hot spot shiled which i wont download because this programme kills your computer ... slowly ... can i run the game without this?
3.Can any gm ... add me in skype? .... or where can we talk 1:1 skype:winter55511
4.Can i have a download link ... (torent or something)
5. Do i have to do something to run the game? (Change my language of the cpu ... download something?)
6.Is there anyone still playing this server? (Aeon , Private , Atomix) All of them are closed owo .. so this is my last hope .... and the last online working tr server ...
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PostSubject: firemilk's questions.   Mon Jul 22, 2013 11:25 pm

Hello there firemilk, you have quite a lot of questions, but i'll answer most of them;

1. This server is quite new, so it will need time to access its stability.

2.You don't need anything to run the game, just simply go to your folder, right click the launcher > Run as administrator> Have fun.

3.If you would like to speak with GM's on skype, pm them and wait for them to get back at you.

4. Download link > #!sgdBzBxY!GUsgrxOa47TwtJm41nGEO3DUxBRpkVnIwRrBjvAGHjI
OR download/t8g1mvzbxw7dyk1/PhoenixTR+v4.0.torrent
Either should work, but the first link is the whole client.

5.Yes, if you want everything not be with '???' then you should download applocale, which you can from here;
Just simply choose your language, then it will provide you with steps on how to install it.

6. There are quite a few people who play this server, but I suggest you advertise it, I have contributed to this server by sharing the page on Facebook, and advertising it elsewhere.

Hope these answers help. ^^


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A serious questions HELP!
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